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Vandyz7Premium Member
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Recently I have Started building a long term portfolio over the past month. I’ve taken a position in about 20 different companies/index funds with money I have been saving for a very long time now. Also still waiting for entry in other areas when a good price presents itself. From gold and bonds, to individual stocks and index funds, I’ve started a Roth and even dipped into BTC. I feel like I have started becoming diversified and have began to build myself a solid base. Because of this group I’ve realized the importance of diversifying myself to ensure I can achieve financial freedom. @jvanloan3 and @Callan have been a huge part of that and have been extremely helpful. I’ve been obsessed with day/swing trading but never established myself permanently. I had lost my entire account twice over the past few years trying to get rich quick and now I feel much more confident and comfortable learning how to day trade and swing trade while standing on a solid foundation. I had no clue where to start or what to do but because of TRNDSTRS and the things they have taught me I feel like I’m ready to take it to the next level
BrandonAlwardPremium Member
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Alright so I’ve always been fascinated by trading and the economy but no bullshit it’s a lot to take on especially being in the navy since they fuck with all your free time. But #Trndsetters made everything more way more easier from strategy’s to executing the original plans. I learned and will continue learning about the market from these fellas
Jbowser337Premium Member
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Just wanted to share and thank the community for helping me learn a ton about options/technical trading this past month. From August until December I was swing trading only shares and was trying to diversify all at the same time with a small account. Was seeing returns, but not the kind of returns I wanted out of trading (about 10% over a three month period). Since I’ve started trading options around New Years, I was able to achieve about an 80% return (initial $1000 is now at $1795) Could not of done it without all of your insights and education, thank you!
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I came into this discord wanting to learn how to trade, how to chart, how to be a profitable trader. It did not disappoint. The members in this discord are amazing. They are always open to chat or to answer any questions you may have. The amount of attention to detail that they put into their analysis is second to none. The amount of information you will receive in this discord makes me wonder why they do not charge $100 a month, it is that good. All the information you will ever need to be profitable is right at your fingertips. Within weeks of joining this discord, my trading, my charting and just my overall knowledge of the market has increased 10 fold. I highly recommend checking out the premium membership, it has paid for itself and a heck of a lot more.
StaunchPremium Member
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I have known Callan and Jvanloan3 as traders for a little while before joining this chat. Since the beginning they never fail to share unparalleled knowlege and new advice. This chat is that and so much more. So much information in one place, so many people willing to help. Callan has always been there if I had any questions or anything day or night. This isn't another stock market discord chat. This is a place to learn, ask questions, and of course, make some money along the way. Since joining, the chat has gotten bigger, and more and more useful tools have been added, but despite the growing size, the owners never let this take away from always helping everyone in the chat day and night. Don't look anywhere else for a market chat, this is the only place you'll want to be!
jbowser337Premium Member
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I joined the chat back in January having some knowledge about trading stock, but not so much with options. I was immediately impressed with how much knowledge and engagement the moderators and members of this group had! The willingness to teach and help you succeed has been the best learning experience for me by far. The premium membership literally paid for its self the first day after purchasing! Since joining this group, my personal accounts are up ~200% ytd employing a various option strategies that I had no idea existed 6 months ago. Additionally, the market knowledge and ideas helped me prepare for and succeed during the market crash earlier in the year. I’ve been managing my dads 401k since the beginning of the year, and currently have his account sitting at +10% on the year!
spo0okyghostPremium Member
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I've been apart of this group since almost the beginning. The channel was designed in such a great way that allows everyone to take advantage of multiple resources. Me being relatively new to trading (still consider myself a newbie), I was exposed to a ton of information that helped and continues to help me get better. Callan and Justin have always been there to help in any way possible and are always improving the channel for everyone to grow and prosper. Their knowledge has helped me learn and develop my own strategy of trading and with the weekly watchlists (even the free community watchlists are fire) there is no way a newcomer cant make money.
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I joined this group because I wanted to have like-minded traders around me and to be able to bounce trade ideas back and forth off each other. Never would I have thought it would turn out to be like this group. Not only is the chat pretty much always active and talking about different plays and stocks to watch, but we also have fun as well(poker, fantasy football, etc.) Just the chatroom alone is well worth the money for premium but the value certainly doesn’t stop there. Between the AI bot alerts, the personalized script alerts, the option bot tools, the weekly watchlists, market briefings and I could keep going but I think you get the point. This group is the real deal thanks to @jvanloan3, @Callan, @Ryan D, and @MikeTaps. Also if you are interested in the crypto world, look no further, @APES TOGETHER STRONG has more knowledge than google. All that being said, whether you want to learn how to trade, get better at trading, or just want to have fun trading with a great group of guys, Trendsetters is the place to be.
Fenna Moderator
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I was invited to this group by @MikeTaps several weeks ago. In the short time that I have been a part of this community, I have been impressed by the knowledge and skillsets possesd by many of the members and staff here. It is nice to have a community to discuss and bounce ideas around with. No matter which trading style you prefer there similar like-minded people here to share and discuss those ideas. No matter what you trade, whether it be stocks, derivatives, or cryptos there will be knowledgable people to discuss with. While I havent traded much along the lines of equities this year, I have been involved in the crypto community pretty heavily. So being able to jar ideas with @APES TOGETHER STRONG is very valuable. The man really knows his stuff.