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Vandyz7Premium Member
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Recently I have Started building a long term portfolio over the past month. I’ve taken a position in about 20 different companies/index funds with money I have been saving for a very long time now. Also still waiting for entry in other areas when a good price presents itself. From gold and bonds, to individual stocks and index funds, I’ve started a Roth and even dipped into BTC. I feel like I have started becoming diversified and have began to build myself a solid base. Because of this group I’ve realized the importance of diversifying myself to ensure I can achieve financial freedom. @jvanloan3 and @Callan have been a huge part of that and have been extremely helpful. I’ve been obsessed with day/swing trading but never established myself permanently. I had lost my entire account twice over the past few years trying to get rich quick and now I feel much more confident and comfortable learning how to day trade and swing trade while standing on a solid foundation. I had no clue where to start or what to do but because of TRNDSTRS and the things they have taught me I feel like I’m ready to take it to the next level
BrandonAlwardPremium Member
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Alright so I’ve always been fascinated by trading and the economy but no bullshit it’s a lot to take on especially being in the navy since they fuck with all your free time. But #Trndsetters made everything more way more easier from strategy’s to executing the original plans. I learned and will continue learning about the market from these fellas
Jbowser337Premium Member
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Just wanted to share and thank the community for helping me learn a ton about options/technical trading this past month. From August until December I was swing trading only shares and was trying to diversify all at the same time with a small account. Was seeing returns, but not the kind of returns I wanted out of trading (about 10% over a three month period). Since I’ve started trading options around New Years, I was able to achieve about an 80% return (initial $1000 is now at $1795) Could not of done it without all of your insights and education, thank you!

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